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A Potential Psychedelic and COVID Therapy Play…All in One Stock

The global concern over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic isn’t going away and even the White House’s health advisor is concerned about what protection a potential vaccine may deliver…but…could there be an answer in a drug that already exists? 

With a focus on the R-and-D of therapeutics for infectious diseases and rare disorders, specialty life sciences Company Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (CSE: RVV, OTC: RVVTF, Forum) is advancing development on what could potentially be a major windfall as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

The Company is taking advantage of several F-D-A incentives to explore the use of Bucillamine (boo-SILL-ih-mine) for the potential treatment of infectious diseases, with an initial focus on severe influenza strains including COVID-19. Revive Therapeutics also just made news when it filed its Clinical Trial Application with Health Canada. 

Stockhouse Editorial’s Dave Jackson was joined by Revive Therapeutics CEO Michael Frank and Derrick Welsh, Founder and C-O-O of Psilocin Pharma Corp, to talk more about what amazing possibilities Bucillamine could offer, future investment opportunities in the exploding magic / mushroom / psilocybin space, and to learn more about their companies in general.


The ‘Lean Mean Fighting Machine’ That’s Redefining the Cannabis 2.0 Marketplace

The rubber has finally hit the road for Cannabis 2.0. And conventional wisdom says the infused beverage market to be the engine that will drive it. 

Hill Street Beverage Company Inc. (TSX-V.BEER, OTCQB: HSEEF, Forum) boasts some of the infused beverage sector’s most innovative and bold marketing initiatives to capture a huge new audience that’s looking for healthier alternatives to alcohol. This rapidly growing market that has the potential to disrupt the trillion-dollar alcohol industry. 

Hill Street are producers of the “world’s first alcohol-free premium craft beer”. The Company has won numerous international awards for its alcohol-free beer and wine. They have been at the forefront of a campaign to raise awareness of the health risks associated with alcohol consumption. Having focused on producing world-class alcohol-free beer and wine since the Company’s inception in 2008 gives the Company a huge jumpstart over the big booze partnerships with cannabis companies. Thus, its decade-plus head start on positioning itself in this market and in developing market penetration strategies makes Hill Street truly unique to this space. The Company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol, appropriately, BEER.

In this informative and entertaining podcast, Stockhouse Media's Dave Jackson was joined by Hill Street Beverage’s Chairman & CEO Terry Donnelly to learn more about the Company’s remarkable financial results despite the COVID-19 pandemic, its proprietary technology that’s truly a game-changer in the sector, and a wide variety of timely and newsworthy topics moving forward through 2020.


The Company that’s offering Real Contactless Solutions During COVID-19

Vancouver-based Loop Insights Inc. (TSX-V.MTRX, OTC:VRZPF, Forum) has been a very busy of late. The Company is a game-changing provider of transformative artificial intelligence, or A-I, solutions to help level the playing field between brick & mortar retailers and their online competition. And now, the Company is taking A-I and transforming it in a way that’s designed to keep patients safe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loop offers brands and retailers the capability to interconnect their physical and digital ecosystems by using the Loop device that can be plugged into any point-of-sale environment – independent of hardware or IT networks – thus facilitating rapid deployment and global scalability.

In this lively and informative podcast, Stockhouse Media's Dave Jackson was joined by Rob Anson, CEO of Loop Insights, to learn more about the Company’s just-announced Automated Contact Tracing and mobile Contact Card to support the reopening of restaurants and other hospitality establishments in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, their recent “Preferred Partner Network” deal with Amazon Web Services, and a wide variety of timely and newsworthy topics moving forward through 2020.


Increased Cannabis Interest Paves Way for Cannabinoid Production

As the cannabis market has started to recover amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, investors are looking at where the market can grow.

One leading candidate is cannabinoid production. THC, CBD, and other specific cannabinoids can be useful for a variety of treatments, including for pain, anxiety, obesity, and other significant indications. With the health and wellness sector of cannabis slated to grow, the manufacturing of targeted, 100% pure cannabinoids can lead to profitability.

Some of the highest quality cannabinoids in the business come from Canadian-based Willow Biosciences Inc. (TSX:WLLW, OTC:CANSF, Forum). The biotechnology company has been using biosynthesis to develop pharmaceutical-grade, plant-derived cannabinoids for a variety of markets, and they've had a busy 2020 with impressive steps taken in CBD production and partnerships secured with development partners.

Now, with the CBD market continuing to open up, Willow Biosciences is on track for commercialization six months ahead of schedule. What does that road-map look like, and how does biosynthesis get the Company there? CEO Trevor Peters joined Omri Wallach of Stockhouse Media remotely to discuss the technology advantage of Willow Biosciences and the evolving CBD market.


Prospecting the Americas While Generating Real Shareholder Value

It’s not often a junior mining explorer is as geographically and minerally diversified in its property holdings as Alianza Minerals Ltd. (ANZ) (TSX-V.ANZ, OTC:TARSF, Forum). Then again, few mining companies are as progressive thinking in developing their business model as Alianza. And what sets the Company apart from most others in the early-stage exploration space is its “Hybrid Prospect Generator” concept. 

As an early-stage exploration company, prospect or project generators work to find and develop a sound economic base and precious metal deposits. The long-term goal of the Company is to advance new projects by joint venturing alongside enthusiastic partners with the goal of making major discoveries. As part of the Hybrid Model, ANZ also pursues its own self-funded exploration programs on projects which do not have a partner yet, exemplified by the work at the Haldane project. This gives their investors maximum exposure to exploration success

In this lively and informative podcast, Stockhouse Media's Dave Jackson was joined by Jason Weber, President & CEO of Alianza Minerals, to learn more about the Company’s portfolio of mining and exploration properties, its value-added Hybrid Prospect Generator business model, and a variety of exciting and newsworthy topics surrounding Alianza moving forward through 2020.


Tapping Into a Legendary Mine

A legendary historical mine is one thing, but one that can be resurrected and brought back into the current market is another thing entirely.

It takes a strong market and many of the right circumstances for a massive project with known, historical, and even "legendary" status to fall into your lap. But that's exactly what's happened to Richmond Minerals Inc. (TSX-V:RMD, OTC:RMDFF, Forum) with Austria’s sleeping silver giant Oberzeiring, once known as the “Mother of Vienna.”

Tapping into historical success seems to be the Company's forte. While focusing on waking up Oberzeiring in a strong silver and gold market, Richmond Minerals has also been developing its Ridley Lake Gold Project in Ontario in a prosperous mining district with discoveries right on their doorstep. 

How has the Company found itself in such a strong position, and how does it capitalize? Richmond Minerals' Exploration Manager Warren Hawkins recently spoke with Stockhouse Media to dive into what makes Oberzeiring and Ridley Lake so promising and how the Company is moving forward with both projects.


Ahead of the Competition and Poised for Ridesharing Growth

Many expected the ridesharing sector to struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, investors are finding that some companies have actually thrived.

In the micro-mobility space specifically, one company's unique business model has allowed it to see business increase. Where some of the biggest operators of e-bikes, e-scooters, and pedal bikes have reduced their business during the pandemic and saw difficulties operating, Last Mile Holdings Ltd. (TSX-V:MILE, OTC:AZNVF, Forum) has managed to see growth and success.

But the biggest shake-up of the pandemic has been the renewed interest in ridesharing and micro-mobility. As cities and countries start to open up economies but continue to maintain social distancing, more and more consumers are expected to look to ridesharing as a substitute for transit.

How has Last Mile managed its success during difficult times? The Company's CEO Max Smith recently spoke with Stockhouse Media to highlight how Last Mile saw business increase despite the pandemic, and how the Company is in prime position for further growth.


A New Solution for the Multibillion-Dollar Bladder Cancer Problem

Bladder cancer is the sixth-most prevalent cancer in North America and has a recurrence rate greater than 50%, making it the most expensive cancer to treat. All-in costs in the US are around $4 billion and roughly 80,000 new American cases are reported each year, with 350,000 cases internationally.

Targeting bladder cancer is Imagin Medical Inc., a bio-medical research and development Company developing a new method to visualize cancer through minimally invasive surgery that could drastically improve the means by which physicians can visualize the surgical field and detect cancer The company’s initial target is bladder cancer.

Trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol IME, the Company’s i/Blue Imaging System uses proprietary optics and light sensors to combine blue and white light with an FDA-approved drug to significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of detecting cancer. 

 We are joined by Imagin’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Hutchens to learn more about this Company’s work ....


A New, United Frontier for Gold & Crypto Markets

In the last few years, investors have taken stock of the hype around “The Crypto Rush”, eager to assess the benefits of big gains among major players. What resulted from its emergence, was the adoption of blockchain assets - some of the most profitable technology in the world.

 Combine this with the gold market, a safe haven investment during this extreme market volatility under the COVID-19-caused economic fallout.

 The business model behind Fintech 2.0 Company GoldFinX marries this new technology with one of the world’s oldest currencies to provide capital to the under-served artisanal gold miner industry, in exchange for a share of gold production. The Company’s GIX crypto coin is backed by the gold accumulated in its vault, powered by blockchain.

 GoldFinX recently went public and to talk more about that, we are joined by the Company’s co-founder and chief executive officer François Dumont ….


Staffing as an Essential Service. Taking the Industry to a Whole New Level.

Its been a busy 2020 to date for HIRE Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: HIREForum). On April 21st, the Company renamed and rebranded from Bay Talent Group “to better reflect its technology focus in the staffing, recruitment and HR consulting sectors.”

A Company that provides partners with cross-selling opportunities and tools, HIRE was recently categorized as an essential service by the Ontario government during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic shutdown and continues to support businesses during this time by providing in-demand and flexible workforce solutions through its subsidiaries.

In this timely and topical podcast, Stockhouse Media's Dave Jackson was joined by recently-appointed CEO Simon Dealy – HIRE’s co-founder and former CFO – to learn more about why is staffing such a valued service (especially in times of crisis), HIRE’s long-play corporate strategy, and the value and opportunity the afforded by this forward-thinking Company.