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Podcast #44: Wellness Lifestyles Inc

August 4, 2017

Our healthcare system is a huge and growing industry. However, part of the reason for the spiralling growth-rate of this sector is because conventional healthcare is a failing system. With our aging populations, demands on our healthcare system are increasing far more rapidly than the capacity to pay for these expenses. The system must change or collapse.

Bringing necessary change to the healthcare “ecosystem” is the mission of Wellness Lifestyles. Conventional healthcare simply cannot continue to treat all the increasingly frequent and increasingly serious medical problems of our aging societies.

Wellness Lifestyle’s answer to this dilemma? Focus on “wellness” and preventative therapies.

The Company is positioning itself to fill a huge market niche, identified by noted investment consulting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

To quote: “The US health industry is a $5 trillion ecosystem dominated by care delivery. Over the next decade, the balance will likely shift, with growth in wellness and platforms and support.”

This is not so much a prophecy from PwC but rather simple, common sense. Our aging populations are requiring increasing moreservices. Our debt-ridden governments have less and less capacity to meet these demands. Something has to give. Either our societies become more focused on wellness, preventative care, and greater technological efficiencies or we will face a health catastrophe – in the near future.


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