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Podcast #40: PyroGensis Canada

December 19, 2016

PyroGenesis Canada is a Canadian hi-tech company which is designing, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing advanced technologies through the use of plasma-based systems and plasma torch products. Via the Company’s proprietary technology, PyroGenesis is able to efficiently convert a variety of waste products into energy, fuel, synthetic gas, and other reclaimable resources.

With plasma applications which the Company has pioneered in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense, PYR has been able to design plasma waste-processing systems suitable for installation on aircraft carriers, yet compact enough to be utilized in remote camps. More recently, the Company has been exploring new opportunities in 3-D printing, starting with production systems. However, in more closely-evaluating the market, management saw much more lucrative revenue potential by shifting toward in-house manufacturing of titanium powders versus selling the systems which produced those powders.

PyroGenesis has filed over 60 patents in support of these technological innovations, and continues to rapidly advance its technology as it services the wide spectrum of companies and industries suitable for its hi-tech waste treatment processes. This week the Company announced its operational results for fiscal Q3. Revenues were up 40% from the same period in 2015, while gross margins were up over 64% from one year ago.


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