Stockhouse Podcasts


Podcast #33: Neo Lithium

September 14, 2016

The enormous potential of green energy revolution has made lithium one of the most important minerals of the 21st century. Neo Lithium (TSX: V.NLC) is an interesting mining junior with an exciting story and a high-grade, low-impurity salar and brine reservoir complex in the fabled Lithium Triangle of Argentina. Investors clamored to be part of the action when the company went public at the end of July. In fact, shares in Neo Lithium rose 357% to $1.60 per share by the afternoon of its first day and its valuation has remained relatively strong ever since. Vancouver-based mining journalist, Marc Davis, acting on behalf of Stockhouse Publishing, sat with Dr. Waldo Perez, President and CEO of Neo Lithium, to find out what the company and the lithium market mean to you, the investor. Have a listen.